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EVOCOIR ™ coco coir grow bags (Professional Open Tops), bricks & bales, and bagged coir are THE premium soilless substrates available to professional growers and cultivation experts today.   Don't waste your time and money with lesser products claiming to be "low EC" or "Fully Buffered."  Evocoir was designed to replace not only traditional potting soils and growing media, but also inferior coco coir products. Our exclusive manufacturing processes were developed and perfected through years of collaboration between the world’s brightest chemical engineers, and real-world professional growers. EVOCOIR products, especially our coco coir grow bags or P-O-T's, continually outperform the competition and have become the go-to choice for anyone wanting professional results.

Our core products are OMRI (*) and ISO certified ensuring you are getting pure, renewable, consistent and professional substates for your crop or grow.


(* natural and extra washed products are OMRI certified.  Please note buffered products are treated with calcium nitrate and are not OMRI certified, but use our OMRI certified product as the primary ingredients before treatment)  

Coco Coir - Better For Farmers, Better For the Planet

Coco coir is a very high water holding, PH stable, product that is derived from the husks of coconut.  Additional washing and treatments like buffering with calcium further reduces the PH and EC levels.  The results are an amazing, truly renewable and sustainable substrate that provide the ultimate growth environment for plants and allow any added nutrients to do their job. 

WHAT'S YOUR EC - The Path to Sustainable Future


What’s Your EC – is more than just a question about Electro-Conductivity levels.  EVOCOIR is making real “ Environmental Commitments” through use of renewable substrates like coco coir, wash water reclamation,  purification, and re-use in  commercial agriculture as well as “Economic Commitments” to our manufacturing communities through fair wages, dedicated local hiring, training, transportation, and food programs.

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